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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On 2013

Well, winter reared her bitchy head yesterday leaving me incapable of doing anything productive, and I read a horribly boring blog about horse showing today, so I figured it was time to jump back into the blogosphere.  Again.  

Although I’ve been talking about starting a blog again, I have spent the last year of my life cruising on Empty, running in circles, driving myself nuts, all in the name of...yes...jumping horses over colorful sticks for fun.  

I pulled all of the family horses out of training last winter with the brilliant idea of saving money via rough board.  I also thought we were building a barn, and it would only be a few months until I brought them home anyway.  That was a year obviously I was wrong.  My horses lived at the barn next door (thank god for good neighbors!) while my barn was being erected, and I hovered over them like I’d had several doses of ritalin.  Every day.  When you turn your half-injured gelding out next to your don’t-you-dare-get-injured gelding out next to your retired haha-I’m-going-to-cause-your-other-geldings-to-kill-themselves gelding, what you’ve got is trouble.  Add a few giant excavators, a bulldozer or two, and 5 Amish dudes hammering stuff together, and what you've got is an ulcer.

Still, the limbo year, although chaotic, was actually an awesome one.  Not awesome in a “This is AWESOME!” kind of way.  More like, “I’m in awe that many of those things happened and not only am I alive to tell about them, but I also still like horses and jumping them over sticks for fun.”  Maybe.  I mean, I think I like it.  But I also think I like wine.  Do I REALLY like wine, or am I a drunk?  Do I REALLY like horses, or am I just addicted to giving all my husband’s money away in exchange for phrases such as “Less inside bend,” or “Start with more and finish with less,” or “Come on, SETTLE DOWN!!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”  

In any case, that’s where I’ve been; somewhere between my house and the neighbors’ house, with several buckets of feed and a bunch of dirty saddle pads in the back of my truck, smelling faintly of horse and strongly of exhaustion (which smells a lot like horse).  And I don’t have writer’s block, I have writer’s having wine and sitting in front of the TV because one more step could be her last.  But alas, my barn is finished, my boys are moved in, and I’m back!!  And although I always preferred to write with my coffee in the mornings, things change, and if anyone is adaptable it’s me.  Since I now shovel shit in the mornings, I will probably write with my wine in the evenings.  And that’s lucky, because if there is one thing that makes me more entertaining, it’s wine.  Ask anyone that didn’t know me very well and then learned far more than they wanted to at a cocktail party and never spoke to me again.  Ask them.  Do it.

It’s such an incredible shame that I didn’t chronicle the journey that was 2013, but something tells me that my Irish Luck will keep the good times rolling into the new year.  Hell, just last week a bum laid on the hood of my car at a stop light.  If that’s not a sign that next year will bring as much blogging ammunition as this year, I just don’t know what is.  

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